What is it?
Brief information on SpaceTrek: The New Empire (STNE)

* No download, play free via the internet

* Interact with thousands of players in a lasting, futuristic world.

* Colonize planets, wage war or trade peacefully with your neighbors.

Additional information

* "Account for life "- STNE plays for endless rounds, there is no reset (reboot). You can register at any time!

* An elaborate game concept ensures that you may get as good as the oldest players!

* Bashing of beginners is strictly forbidden in STNE!

* You don't need to be online all the time and you don't have to fear that you might be attacked!

* Every planet, every building and every spaceship is separate and interactive in many ways, thanks to a comprehensive micromanagement system!

* Due to the complexity of STNE you will never be bored! Playing time of 2-3 years is not uncommon.