Overview for game beginners

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"Space Trek: The New Empire" (STNE) features many complex functions. It might be very hard for new players to understand how they work, but after using them for the first time you will see that it's really easy.

There are several possibilities to get answers to specific questions concerning the game.

You can ask your FSM (First Step Manager) who can be chosen right at the beginning. His job is to make your start in the game as easy as possible. Also the tutorial is a great help at the beginning. Of course you can get your information about the details of STNE for yourself. That's the reason why this STNE-Manual (also called STNE-Bible) and the STNE-Wiki are at your service. You can also ask questions in the in-game chat (the chat that is shown on the main page of your account) where the helpful players would enjoy helping you.

Articles you must read!
Below this text there are listed some of the manual's articles that are supposed to help you at your start in the game. They solve basic questions about STNE.

  Beginner Zone  

  Intro: Quick guide  
  Colonization level (0 - 8)  
  Deuterium absorption  
  Collecting ore  

  Game - User interface  
  Tick times, game turns  
  Liquidation - Inactivity  

  Menu 6: HELP  
  Market (Ferengi)  
  Request ships  
  First-Step-Manager (FSM)  

  Tips & Tricks  
  Coordinates (xxx/yyy)  

The STNE-Wiki includes many additional details to the mechanisms of the game:
  STNE-Wiki: http://wiki.en.stne.net  
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