Deletion - Inactivity

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Each STNE player who is offline for a set time will be automatically deleted. The players character, ships, colonies and research are permanently gone. However slot limits, credits and money in the virtual account are stored in the Global Account System and should be restored in the event a new character is created on that server. To reset the counter, simply log into STNE with your password and click something in the game.

Inactivity periods until deletion:


[Tick times] (round change) are 5-times daily: 12, 15, 18, 21 and 0 o'clock (UK time). [Colonization level] range from 0 - 8.

Vacation mode automatically actives after 25 ticks inactivity - after which your colonies will stop consuming and producing goods and your ships will stop consuming fuel, if you are going on vacation mark your name with the vacation mode in your [settler names] and add "vacation" or "vac": <FONT color=#999999><SMALL> [Vacation]</SMALL></FONT>. Ensure you have sufficient stocks of food and other resources to operate your spaceships and colonies for the 25 ticks before Vacation mode activates.


Quick help: Vacation mode


Quick help: Account reset

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