STNE-Handbook: Forward
   Overview for game beginners
   What is STNE?
   Game Rules
      Additional Terms of Use
      Chat Rules
      Organization of STNE
   Intro: Quick Start Guide
      1. Getting Started
      Level 2 - Colony construction
      Level 4 - Expansion
      Level 7 - Preparation
      Level 8 - What now?
   The Basics: Fundamentals
      Tick time, lap changes
      Playing Surface
      Tips and Tricks
      Role-Playing Game (RPG)
      Colonisation level (0 - 8)
      Reputation (Internal - external)
      Beaming (Transport [_] )
      Coordinates (xxx|yyy)
      Group Editor (Contacts)
      NPCs (Powers)
      Credits (Ingame currency)
      Larne (Exchange currency)
         Spacial Anomalies
         Vidiian Fleets
         Deletion - Inactivity
   Menu 1: COLONIES
      Attractiveness - Population
         Special buildings
      Stock, EPS, Beam Protection
      Duranium Production
      Terraforming (Surface)
   Menu 2: SHIPS
      Helm control (Flight)
      Ship Overview
      Ship Supplies
      Ship systems
         Sensors (SRS, LRS)
         Solar Cells
         Flight Range (Engine)
         Reserve Battery
         Weapon, Shield
         Tractor Beam
         Warp Reactor {}
      Deuterium Collection
      Ore Collection
      Space Station
         Alert Levels
         Battle Ticks - Battles
         Sample Battle
      Ship Limit
      Subraumportal & Handelsportal
      Text Formatting
      Messages (5 types)
      Transmissions (Letters)
      Contacts (Contact List)
      SCN (Channels)
         SCN Rules
      Diplomacy (Treaties)
      Alliance System
      Trade Exchange (Ferengi)
      Ship Auction
   Menu 4: DATABASE
      Stellar Cartography
         Coordinate Management
      Tick Reports
      Points Calculation
   Menu 5: COMMUNITY
   Menu 6: HELP
      Request Ships
      First Step Manager (FSM)
   Menu 7: SETTINGS
      Creating settler names
   Feature Pack
      Lifetime Premium
   Help: <​​/FONT>Additional support
      Problem loggin in...
      STNE support system
      STNE support